Lea & Walter

Lea and Walter’s wedding was a beautiful end to our wedding season.

Although the weather wasn’t ideal. The rainy and cold day had no effect on Lea and Walter’s smile throughout the day.

The whole wedding party were troopers through the rain and we snagged some great shots before the rain got too heavy! Everyone had a great attitudes.

It started off with an emotional prayer from the bridal party before the ceremony that left everyone in tears, and ended in family arm in arm singing as loud as they could.

The day was packed with smiles, happy tears, and intimate moments with God.

Best of luck to you two! Soul Creations sends our love and prayers!

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Caitlin and Nathan

Caitlin and Nathan’s wedding day was beautiful from start to finish. The amount of anticipation and tears before the ceremony melted our hearts. You could feel the excitement in the air from both the bride and groom.

They had so many first looks and all of them were precious. Caitlin and Nathan had their matron of honor and best man at their first look. Everyone in the room had tears in their eye.

It was the perfect day for a wedding! Wasn’t too hot and wasn’t too cold, and the day went by smoothly. Everything went as planned, and they finished pictures early and got to enjoy each other before walking down the aisle.

The day was filled with so many emotions and laughter. The bridal party brought us to tears from laughter and also tears from happiness for their friends. The love showed through every part of their day from their friends, their parents, the other vendors, the couple, and their love of the Lord.

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Alex & Anna

Anna and Alex’s wedding day started of with beautiful, perfect fall weather. Crisp, but not too cold! The leaves were beautiful, sky was blue and sunny.

It was a very small, intimate wedding. It was Soul Creations first Serbian orthodox wedding; half in Russian! The bride and groom was all smiles, relaxed throughout the ceremony! Things went perfectly as planned!

The reception was a party including several gave toasts to the couple, lots of photos with dear friends and family, fun dancing together. It was so fun to see Anna and Alex enjoy themselves. The group of vendors were OUTSTANDING and couldn’t have been better.

Overall such a good day of smiles, love, and unity!!

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Katie & Ben

If we had to choose two words to describe Katie and Ben’s wedding it would be laid back and relaxed! With chances of rain to ruin their day the couple was so filled with hope and faith! The Lord shown through bright on their overcast day.

Everything went so smooth, and the couple showed pure joy from morning to night. After getting ready the bride and groom did a blindfolded prayer before the ceremony. It was a lovely moment before the ceremony.

During the ceremony they did “unity wine” where both mothers poured different wine into a decanter to symbolize the two lives coming together as one. It was so unique!

It was truly a BEAUTIFUL fall day, even with the chance of rain. (I’m so glad she chanced it and stuck with outside!) Their small, intimate bridal party was really sweet., and made the day so fun. And Katie and Ben’s love was apparent throughout the whole day!

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Lee Ann & Brad

You know what you never expect for an October wedding? 90 DEGREE WEATHER.
But it didn't matter. Lee Ann was stress free, joy-filled, excited and READY to marry the man of her dreams.
The attention to detail and care that went into Lee Ann and Brad's day was inexplicably perfect.

From incorporated her grandmother & mother's dresses into her bouquet, to combining two different wedding dresses into one to make her day PERFECT, we were awe struck through and through.

Lee Ann & Brad, thank you for your witness. You two are truly unreal.

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Emily & Nathan

If ever there was a couple that was so focused on the Lord, it is Emily and Nathan. From the moment we arrived to big bear hugs from Emily, to their First Prayer that left us with tears in our eyes - Emily and Nathan were so genuinely and lovingly focused on the Lord and his goodness of the day in a way we’ve never seen before. He was BEAMING and she was full of all the most perfect tears :)

With a hurricane in tow, Emily and Nathan’s day was full of the best rainstorm a photography team could want! With our clear umbrellas in tow, we made the rain work in our favor and had one of the most fun wedding party portrait times we can remember!

From morning til night, Emily and Nathan brought Jesus into their wedding day, and it was right before we left for the evening that they invited all their guests outdoors to pray. Truly, this couple shined for Jesus on their day!

Emily and Nathan, you two are truly a testament to Jesus’ love and it was a privilege to see you two walk down the aisle TOGETHER as one.

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Leah & Seth

The magic of brown county came alive as Kristen, Andrea, and I made our way to Seth and Leah's wedding in Nashville, IN. We drove through winding roads, curving hills, and settled into one of the most beautiful, quaint towns where we happened upon the dreamiest of churches.

St. Agnes sat atop a hill with perfectly exposed beams and tons of windows showing off the Brown County greenery outside.

From the moment we arrived, we were in awe of it’s beauty and simplicity, and could not get enough of the enchanted forest view that kept us mesmerized during bridesmaids and groomsmen portraits prior to the ceremony.

This day was magical - from beginning to end. Especially when you add in the perfect sunset lighting for their portraits that the rain stopped just in time for.

Leah and Seth, you two are MADE for each other. It was INCREDIBLE to be with you two this past weekend and capture the most beautiful, dreamy day. And if there was ever a couple that could convince us that they liked each other a lot  - it’s you two :)

 Enjoy reminiscing on your snuggle-fest of photos and incredibly perfect day, you two!

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Madalyn & Corey

With a double header wedding weekend and rain chances in the forecast, Kristen and I started Madalyn and Corey’s wedding out with a bang.

We could tell from the start that it was going to be a good day, and oh boy, was it! From a SUPER fun wedding party, to a beautiful ceremony, and incredible reception - it was AWESOME - even when the rain started and the humidity kept fogging up lenses!

The moment we walked into the bridal suite at the Courtyard Marriott, we were surrounded by bridesmaids who were just adoring of Madalyn. If there was ever a group of gals that you could tell had the back of their bride, it was this group. From finding details for us to hauling all of Madalyn’s precious items to the Ritz Charles, these girls were gems!!

And that’s not even the half of it! To all the groomsmen out there, this was a group to emulate. Corey, you have one fantastic wolf pack that is devoted to having fun and keeping you calm - and it was AWESOME to be apart of the laughter from morning to night!

More than anything, though, we could tell that Maddy and Corey were MADE for each other. Truly - they were! From the moments of blissful peace during their first look to the first dance where they swayed in each other’s arms while looking at each other with the most loving eyes - we could tell :)

Maddy and Corey, Thank you for the privilege of capturing your day! It was AMAZING, and thank you to the incredible vendor team that made their day so smooth!!!

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Nicolette & Rob

Nicolette and Rob’s wedding, this was one of the BEST we've had at The Mill Top! From a morning full of light and laughter to an afternoon of incredible action shots, Nikki and Rob were just rockstars - even when the weather and timeline gave us a bit of trouble and changed a few portrait plans!

The moment we arrived at the bridal suite, we couldn’t help but fawn over the absolute beauty Nikki holds - I mean, Nikki, you are serious model material! There’s a good reason all your guests kept saying that, girl!

And Rob - you were a STUNNER, with the absolute best grins and smiles both in portraits and when playing poker with your guys.

Rob was smiling and Nikki was so excited she was jumping around - we knew this was going to be a good day and we knew we were among two lovebirds that just could not wait to see each other :)

Nikki and Rob, your first look was one of the sweetest we’ve ever seen - it’s so obvious how much you adore each other and it was a PRIVILEGE to capture that perfectly special moment, among sooo many others :)

With soo much love,

Your photography team

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