Hope & Ben

We arrived in the hills of Tennessee with a glimmer of hope and sweat in our brows. From the minute we arrived at the cathedral on Thursday for a full walk-through to the Sunday mass at the same stunning cathedral on Sunday, we were in awe.

In awe of the gracious, humble couple.

In awe of the absolute beauty of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In awe of the incredible family and friends whose love for this couple was so palpable you could see it, hear it, and feel it in every hug we received.

Hope and Ben, your day was one of the most sacred we’ve ever experienced. From the Sacred Heart of Jesus earrings, to the choral music during the ceremony, to the way you two looked at each other singing out with joy-filled hearts to the God of the Universe.

Everywhere we turned, sacred beauty could be seen and it was like nothing we’ve ever experienced.

If there was ever a wedding where Jesus was revered, loved, and adored, this was the one.

Thank you SO much for the privilege of capturing the holiest sacrament of love and witnessing the insurmountable beauty of your two hearts intertwining into one.

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Mollie & Andrew

The way her father waited in the car, praying and tearing up before a first look with his baby girl - showed us that this day was going to be wholly full of perfect moments, and from the beginning of the day to the sparkler exit end, we were not disappointed.

After a first look with his eldest daughter, we brought in all four sisters and their mama for a family prayer circle before the day began.

I’ll be honest, I did not expect to tear up so much before the ceremony even began, but the moment that a younger sister’s voice cracked and the whole family of 6 started to choke back tears and finally let them fall endlessly, I couldn’t help but join in.

Mollie, you are so well loved. Not only by the groom, who was anticipating a first prayer with you so fiercely that he almost broke into tears before you even held his hand, but also by the family that has raised you with a fervent heart towards heaven.

Mollie and Andrew, thank you for letting us enter your day of love and in turn letting us enter one of the most spiritually full days we’ve witnessed.

A day full of love, laughter, and God’s light.​​​​​​​

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Kimber & Stephen

When the day begins with a bride leaning her head down in surrender and prayer on your intern’s shoulder, you know the day is truly full of God and grace.

That is how Kimber & Stephen’s day began. With a bit of stress, a bundle of emotions, and a welcoming hug and calming presence at every turn that made for a God-glorifying day because in our weakness, He is strong.

Kimber and Stephen, from our photo team to you - THANK YOU. For showing all the colors of a couple who is desperately following after Christ and wildly in love. We can’t thank you enough for the laughs, hugs, tears, and smiles we ourselves had throughout the day and if there’s one thing we will always point back to and remember - it’s that you two are fully ready for allllll the things that married life brings: the ups, the downs, and the best, happily-ever after endings.

With love and prayers,

Your forever cheerleaders

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Alexis & Michael

Peace and Patience. Those are the two words that we can use to best describe exactly what Alexis’ demeanor was like throughout her incredibly seamless, beautiful wedding day.

With a ceremony full of all the bells and whistles to a beautiful country club reception full of family who loved to holler and swaller, our team had an absolute BLAST capturing the love!

Alexis and Michael, you two are the reason Soul Creations is here today: to capture a full testimony, pray and encourage couples throughout their engagement season and on their wedding day, and inspire marriages to keep Christ at the center throughout every nitty gritty detail.


When we first heard Alexis explain that her reception details were fully handled by her older brother, we were amazed. When we then heard her younger brother emcee the reception, we were blown away. When we saw how stress-free she was because she truly cared ONLY for the bigger picture of the sacrament instead of the specifics, we got misty-eyed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you - for reminding us of the beauty and joy that comes from wedding days. The deep joy of uniting as one :)

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Jordan & Tommy

From the moment we arrived, we were blown away by Jordan and Tommy - the most stunning bride and groom we’ve EVER captured.

Tommy created a custom suit complete with a white and black suit, perfectly paired accessories, and just a bit of gold on the top of his velvet shoes.

Jordan shined like a star in her Betsy Johnson heels and beautifully curled locks.

We couldn’t help but capture literally every detail of their gorgeous day downtown surrounding the Soldiers & Sailors monument, where Jordan’s wish came true.

Jordan, your day was breathtaking, from the Skyline Club view to the moments of bliss on the monuments stairs, our hearts were full of joy and warmth. But as you walked down the aisle to greet Tommy and your father let you pause to see all those surrounding you with the biggest amount of support, our hearts melted along with yours as tears started falling.

Thank you for letting us capture your incredible story :)

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Becca & Brian

Becca and Brian's wedding had Kristen and I overwhelmed with love and compassion for one of the sweetest, relaxed couples we've ever worked with.

Becca and Brian, your day was bliss - absolute bliss. From the prayers we shared before the First Look to the moments when Brian spinned you around on the dance floor.

I know for a fact Jesus was smiling down on these two the entire day.

Congratulations, Becca & Brian!

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Stacy & Kris

Downtown Indianapolis weddings are notorious for complicated photography timelines and lots of on-foot travel, but Stacy & Kris’ wedding was the exception to these rules.

Soul Creations’ has never had a simpler wedding day downtown, and for that, we have to say THANK YOU!

These two Eli Lilly lovebirds knew exactly how to create a day that ensured the focus was on tying the knot in the most seamless, stress-free way possible - and the photos show it!

Stacy and Kris, thank you. For trusting us to capture your unconditional love, incredible excitement, and supportive friends & family -- all while enjoying a perfectly curated virgin margarita :)

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Renae & Steven

That morning, we walked into the old, creaky school and through the dimly lit halls to her classroom. Clad in silk robes and surrounded by tea and croissants made by her twin sister, Renae sat patiently and peacefully as she waited to get dressed, see her father, pray with her groom, and walk down the aisle to be greeted by him, who had the deepest, unconditional love for his bride.

I witnessed them pray together. Him blindfolded. Her teary-eyed.

I witnessed them sneak smiles at each other during their sacramental union. Both with the most perfect glimmers of love in their eyes.

I witnessed them laughing happily as they hid under her cathedral veil in the cool winter air.

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Abby & Blair

That morning, I walked behind him as he took a knee in front of the altar. Carrying his rosary we walked to the Pieta and he prayed, I prayed, and we both knew Mary was praying.

We prayed for strength that he would lead his new wife with eyes focused on Jesus as his leader and on her as His Bride.

We prayed for peace and patience throughout the wedding day that they might be focused on the sacrament and not the specifics.

We prayed that from this day forward they would be united as one, fully and unconditionally.

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Katie & Ryan

I walked into the JW Marriott hotel room filled with music, rose petals, and the prettiest ot bridesmaids silk robes rummaging around as they prepared for the big day. Katie was as calm as a cucumber and as I walked her to the secret spot behind the hotel to have a first look with her father, her excitement was contagious.

From the hummer limo and Upland Wheat beer to a beautiful, fun-loving ceremony at St Mary’s and gorgeous reception at the NCAA Hall of Champions, Katie and Ryan did their day up right.

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