Kaley + Larry

The first time I saw Kaley the morning of her wedding, she had just walked into her reception hall and started crying. From the beautiful cake to the ceremony arch, her vision for the wedding day had truly become a reality - and I couldn’t help but start crying to.

Kaley and Larry, you two are an incredible witness of great devotion to each other and great determination to celebrating in such a memorable way. Thank you - from all of us on your vendor team - for letting us be a part of your indescribable day filled with hilarious dance-offs, extremely special toasts, and all the in-between moments on your big day.


"I promise to be your lover, companion, and friend, your partner in parenthood, your ally in conflict, your greatest fan and your toughest adversary, your comrade in adventure, your student and your teacher, your consolation in disappointment, your accomplice in mischief. I will dream with you and celebrate with you, and will walk beside you through whatever our lives may bring. You are my person, my love, my life, today and always."

From the First Look with her uncle to the tears that continued joyfully falling throughout the day, this wedding had more tissues at it than I could count… me included.

"I want to make sure you guys throughout this evening, take time to pause, to look around, to take everything in that’s going on around you – to take in your friends, your family, just the general atmosphere of love and celebration that’s focused on the two of you and the love that you guys have for one another. You are going to leave this place tonight as husband and wife. That’s no small thing, and we are all here rooting for you, we are all here cheering you on and showing that we support the two of you."

"Kaley’s not the most verbal about her feelings, so it wasn’t anything she said out loud that led me to believe that Larry was the perfect person for her. I was able to see her entire demeanor change every time Larry came home to visit. I got to see her eyes light up every time she got to hear his voice on the phone, and I was there for the tears that came every time he said goodbye. Kaley never had to say how much she loved Larry – it was just something everyone could see."