Sara + Adam

If someone told me that there were going to be 11 siblings and 6 priests attending, I may have had wide eyes - but photographing Sara and Adam’s wedding chock full of priests, parents, and parishioners never had my eyes wide. More often, they were closed in prayer with them.

These two opted for a secret first look, nabbing photos at their high school lockers, and greeting guests over more photographs - and I can’t blame them one bit. What followed was the most beautiful sacramental wedding with songs from her sisters and words from her brothers.

Sara and Adam, thank you for allowing me to capture the beauty of your day. Your joy is contagious and I will always fondly, with only a few words and long prayers, look back over your wedding with that same joy.


"Throughout Sara's life, there have always been certain women who have influenced her and people she aspired to be. Whether that was family members, saints, or Kate Middleton, there was alwas a person who Sara wanted to be. Yes, they are all incredible women. However, throughout my life I only wanted to be one person - Sara. Her love and passion for her family , work, faith, frozen pizza, and now Adam is a lifestyle that I would love to emulate. 
"When I was in 4th grade, I cut a chunk of my hair out. When I realized I made a mistake, I ran to Sara because she always had a solution. Sara is always putting others before herself and giving up her time to make others happy. Such a sacrifical love like that is beautiful  and often times hard to find. Her beauty is nothing in comparison to her wonderful heart. If I was half the woman she is, I would die happy.
"Adam, you were a brave man stepping into the Hollowell house to escort Sara to homecoming your senior year. Little did you know, there were 4 sisters and 6 brothers anticipating his arrival. We've all gotten to know him these past 8 years and he has shown to be the perfect man for Sara. He has shown nothing but love and protection for her. Whether it's late night runs to Meijer to pick up candy, teaching us to play new board games, or sitting around watching a Jane Austen movie with the sisters for the hundreth time, he has always been such a great sport and brought so much joy and laughter to our home. Putting Adam into my life has been an incredible blessing.
"Tonight we celebrate two beautiful individual relationships with God joining together and becoming one. Sara and Adam have not only inspired me but so many others to strive for a beautiful, authentic, Christ-centered love. I cannot be happier and I pray for God to guide both of you. We love you both so much. - Maria Hollowell
"When Sara met Adam my freshman year of high school, and they started dating my sophomore year, the only person more excited in our family than Sara - was me. Adam has always been a man that not only I can relate to and go through life together with, he's also a man I look up to in so many ways. His strength and courage is only matched by his compassion and gentleness, just like my father mentioned. He's the kindest man I've ever met and it's an honor to be here today as he marries my sister. 
"As Sara's younger brother, there's always a tendency to want the best for her in everything. With Adam, there was never a concern or moment that I doubted Adam was the perfect man for Sara, would protect her, or be the man she deserved. Sara and Adam Trickle, may your life be full of happiness and love that only you two deserve. - Nate Hollowell, Groomsman