Erin + Mark

The morning of their wedding, I walked around the swing that Erin and Mark were excited to take sunset photos at as I scouted out locations for their first look behind the silos. Mark's father told me that the swing was the where they had their first photo taken together.

Later that day, it was at that swing that I saw parents pushing children on and wind rushing by as the kids laughed. That evening, Mark brought his bride out to the swing and pushed her back and forth as they turned to each other beaming from ear to ear. The same beaming smiles I saw at their beautiful ceremony and the moment Mark turned around to see his beautiful bride.

Mark and Erin, your day was so special. From the sky-high corn stalks to the piece of dress fabric sewn onto Mark’s tie. There were special moments all around, and as I left that night I couldn’t help but look back towards the tea lights and beam just a big.