High Fashion Boho Autumn Styled Shoot

Mary Kate and I met with a vision to bring the mood of harvest time to life, and with the help of Aisle Ready Events incredible planning - the vision that came to life BLEW US AWAY with the help of an incredible vendor team  who worked to put this ethereal autumn styled shoot in the top category of my favorite shoot ever! 

The hair and makeup was focused on a more, high fashioned look with bold eyes and lips, and the Kendra Scott jewel additions heightened the high fashion theme. 

We also included lace elements in the dresses to lend to the boho look and distinct detailed elements in others to lend to the high-fashion look for a more unique bride.

We wanted the bouquets to be big and lush harvest bouquets, which is just what Eufloric Events and Sweet Peas Flower Farm brought together! We blended the style of a pieced together bouquet to point towards the autumn bloom trend this year, and the floral colors brought so much to each image.

Our vision was to show what exactly a bold, high fashion take on boho and ethereal would look like, and it was the work of an incredible team that made it fully a reality. Enjoy the final results and again, a big THANK YOU to each and every amazing vendor! The hard work paid off!