Tiffany + David

If there's one lady who knows how to detail a wedding, it's Tiffany. If there's one lady who knows how to keep her peace while life is throwing curve balls weeks before her wedding, it's Tiffany. From personal circumstances to wedding twists, this gal dealt with it ALL leading up to her wedding, and on the day of the wedding - it was not only pulled off seamlessly, it was pulled off with gusto.

David & Tiffany’s country club wedding brought a twist of Modern and Class together with such beauty that I couldn’t help but take photos of every detail. As an interior designer, Tiffany had the day precisely planned for guests to have an experience the moment they entered her ceremony and reception. From a flower wall, to a perfectly sculpted cake and jazzy music throughout the evening, I can tell you without a doubt she accomplished just that.


On their wedding day, the sun shined down on us the entire day of their Dye's Walk Country Club wedding and it was a photographer's HEAVEN how these two just loved each other with such ease. Here's to a couple that lived their first day united in the fullest joy and happiness a perfect day could bring.

"Tiffany, I will walk beside you with whatever our lives bring. You are my love and my life, today and always. I thank you for being my very best friend, my partner in crime, and the love of my life." - David
"You are truly my best friend and my better half. I can always rely on your to be the social one in the crowd and the loudest one in the room. You are my personal spell check. I vow to challenge and frustrate you, and to always ask you to move to Florida in the winter. I promise to dream with you and to build with you, to make our marriage a priority and to never put it in jeopardy." - Tiffany