Camille + Jordan

Last month, I had the privilege of capturing my best friend's wedding. My person. My college roommate. My discipleship partner. My co-worker. My sister in Christ. It was during this year that she was also one of my brides, and she was radiant. We met at the first Journalism class we had during our Freshman year of college. We sat next to each other and you could find us there everyday after. She was the first friend that I could trust at college and through thick and thin, we were bolted together ready to figure things out as we grew up.

Jordan was her perfect match. From the moment they met in Cru, they were such good friends, and the way he makes her laugh is something that’s irreplaceable. You always wish the best for your BFF, and honestly, Jordan is the best for her. I have watched him pursue her with such a God-fearing love that I know will keep them close together and close to God. Camille, I will forever be here for you, like I always say, and Jordan, you're wrapped up in that too.


The morning that I arrived, I took her details and strung them heavenward throughout the conservatory. The lush greens were so tropical that I was blown away by such a perfect venue for her wedding.

After her mom helped her into her beautiful gown, I had her sit for some photos and I couldn’t even start taking them. I started crying. This sweet girl. Camille. I couldn’t even believe of having the privilege to capture her special, perfect day.

"Marriage - what Jordan and Camille have chosen today - is a reflection of what Christ gave us. I want your marriage to reflect creation, a reflection that looks like Him."