Amanda + Craig

Amanda and Craig's wedding was truly one for the books! Their first look was one of the most special I have ever witnessed. As we walked up to it, I prayed with her - one of the most precious moments I can have with a bride on her wedding day, and instead of actually looking at one another, they held hands.

OHH did they hold hands! She cried. He beamed. They looked off in the distance, and I could tell that not only were they ready, Jesus was ABSOLUTELY ready for them to be together. It’s like they had been waiting for each other their whole life long, and finally today was the day they were uniting. This shows in their pictures too, because both of them were all smiles throughout the whole day!


Amanda’s Mom and I cried as she put on her dress. From the morning until the final end of her day, she was flawless and beautiful. Completely serene and content, ready for the sacrament that she was about to enter.

Craig was ready too, with grins and smiles to laughter that could be heard from the other side of the church. He was pumped, let me tell you!

This intimate, classic wedding held great love for the couple not only by their friends and family, but also by their priest. Fr. Rick stayed after, gave hugs, and even attended their reception, where he was smiling the whole time. I’ve personally never seen such a relationship between priest and couple, and this one was just so beautiful to capture.