Renae & Steven

That morning, we walked into the old, creaky school and through the dimly lit halls to her classroom. Clad in silk robes and surrounded by tea and croissants made by her twin sister, Renae sat patiently and peacefully as she waited to get dressed, see her father, pray with her groom, and walk down the aisle to be greeted by him, who had the deepest, unconditional love for his bride.

I witnessed them pray together. Him blindfolded. Her teary-eyed.

I witnessed them sneak smiles at each other during their sacramental union. Both with the most perfect glimmers of love in their eyes.

I witnessed them laughing happily as they hid under her cathedral veil in the cool winter air.

These moments of bliss and beauty were more than I could bear. Deep love, trust, and gratitude welled up into alligator tears as I witnessed their first dance and first kiss.

True love does that to you.

Enjoy reminiscing on their beautiful day as you read the words from those closest to them!




"I remember the day that Mom brought Renae home. She was a tiny, beautiful bundle of joy. Mom put red nail polish on her toe so we could tell them apart until she got to know their personalities.
I have many cherished memories of the three of us sisters together when we danced, sang, and giggled late into the night as sisters do. Throughout the years I have had the privilege of seeing Renae blossom into a radiant young woman. Her faith shines through her generosity, peaceful spirit, and patience with her students. She inspires others around her through her strength and leadership.
"As she was discerning her vocation, she met a wonderful man who shares her faith and generous heart. I am so blessed to have Steven as my brother-in-law. I can tell how much he loves Renae through how he takes care of her. His faith is evident in his gentle spirit, leadership, and joyful personality.
"Today Renae is a radiant and beautiful bride and Steven is her dashing groom. When I look at these two special people, I encounter Christ. I see how much joy they bring to each other through the way they tease each other and the infectious laughter that spreads in their presence.
"Paul wrote to the Colossians, "You are the people of God. He loved you and chose you for your own." May your home be filled with Christ's joy, peace, and laughter and may you grow old together in Christ's love. Let us raise our glasses to the guests of honor at the wedding feast. To Steven and Renae!"

- Jessica Fricke, Bridesmaid & Renae's Eldest Sister

"Steve is a great guy with many talents. He is the only person I know that can spike a
volleyball backwards. He also has a knack for selling strange things he buys from thrift stores. Who else
do you know can sell possibly used deodorant and still make a profit? And don’t worry about organizing,
I know their house will be immaculate. You should see how well he sorts pounds of Legos at a time.
"As Pope John Paul II once said, 'Marriage is an act of will that signifies and involves a mutual gift, which
unites the spouses and binds them to their eventual souls, with whom they make up a sole family – a
domestic church.' With that being said I would like to propose a toast to Renae and Steven. May your souls be ever intertwined and your family live on forever.

- Tyler Wilburn, Best Man