Becca & Brian

Becca and Brian's wedding had Kristen and I overwhelmed with love and compassion for one of the sweetest, relaxed couples we've ever worked with.

Becca and Brian, your day was bliss - absolute bliss. From the prayers we shared before the First Look to the moments when Brian spinned you around on the dance floor.

I know for a fact Jesus was smiling down on these two the entire day.

Congratulations, Becca & Brian!

THANKS to their INCREDIBLE vendor team!
Venue: St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic Church (Zionsville, IN)
Catering: The Juniper Spoon
Clutches: Tina Frantz Designs
Bridesmaids Dresses: AZAZIE
Bridal Gown: David's Bridal
ShoesVe-Ve's Dance Company
DJ: AMS Entertainment & Audio/Visual
Rings: Diamonds DirectMonique Fine Jewelry
JewelryTiffany & Co.
CakeConfectioneiress Cupcakes & Sweets


 I’m incredibly lucky to have an older sister like her. It feels like not too long ago, when we were still very little and we would eat rock candy together and sing Baby Beluga. I also vaguely remember when Becca used talk for me so she could convince our mom that I wanted McDonalds because I was the cute little one, just so she could get McDonalds.


I was absolutely convinced that Becca’s opinions were always the correct opinion. And now we’re starting to grow up; Becca’s growing up and getting married and eventually starting and family and I’m growing up and starting to learn that Becca’s opinions are NOT always the right opinion, although I don’t think she would mind, Brian, if you always told her she’s right! I can say, though, that Becca was right in marrying Brian. 


They had dedicated themselves to each other and committed to praying together almost daily, despite the distance and time difference between them. Distance can have the power to let relationships fade, but it only made Becca and Brian’s stronger. It was a testament to their love for each other and for their commitment to raise each other to God.


Brian, I’m sure you know what you’ve gotten yourself into by marrying Becca, especially since you’re officially attached now, but here are some things you have to look forward to for the rest of your life…

- Be prepared to be called Moonpie at all future Thompson family holidays.

- Be prepared for Becca randomly dancing through the house (and especially the kitchen when she’s cooking).

- Be prepared for dirt and seeds and pots while Becca is planting her herbs and veggies.

And be prepared for me and Colleen decorating your future house with hanging plants and boho rugs! 


 Brian, brace yourself for this amazing life you will be living with the best person you could ever live it with.


So congratulations, Becca and Brian on your new life together! And thank you all for coming today. I know that some of you have traveled from far away to be here and we appreciate the time that you’ve given to celebrate Becca and Brian and our families. Let’s raise our glasses to toast the newlyweds!