Kimber & Stephen

When the day begins with a bride leaning her head down in surrender and prayer on your intern’s shoulder, you know the day is truly full of God and grace.

That is how Kimber & Stephen’s day began. With a bit of stress, a bundle of emotions, and a welcoming hug and calming presence at every turn that made for a God-glorifying day because in our weakness, He is strong.

Kimber and Stephen, from our photo team to you - THANK YOU. For showing all the colors of a couple who is desperately following after Christ and wildly in love. We can’t thank you enough for the laughs, hugs, tears, and smiles we ourselves had throughout the day and if there’s one thing we will always point back to and remember - it’s that you two are fully ready for allllll the things that married life brings: the ups, the downs, and the best, happily-ever after endings.

With love and prayers,

Your forever cheerleaders


For those of you who don’t know or can’t see the relationship, kimber and I are sisters.


I’m not necessarily sure if she was excited to have a little sister but I can assure you, I wasn’t excited to be a little sister. Just kidding! Growing up, we hated each other and sometimes maybe liked each other.. sometimes! 


Though, when we got into high school we got a little closer and certainly when Stephen came into the picture our relationship for sure changed.


 I met Stephen my sophomore year in high school. We became fast friends and I guess that was okay!


We both shared a passion for baseball/softball. Stephen was a crucial part in Friday night football games. For 2 whole years we would take some selfie before the game and then we’d treat ourselves with some wings etc after.


Kimber and Stephens started with a froyo cup— thanks to me!  So froyo i think is a good way to describe them. I think baseball is another good word to use to describe them. 


Stephen has a passion for baseball and Kimber has a passion of watching Stephen work it on the mound. A summer fling that lasted 4 years and ended in proposal and a changing of a last name. 


 These two humans have an unconditional love and respect for each other that I dream to have. Kimber, stephen thank you for your friendships, jokes, harassing and memories we’ve made of the years.


Here’s to many more years of froyo, baseball and unconditional love. Let’s toast to, love me stimber and mr. and mrs. Pinarski.