Abby + Joe

Abby and Joe's wedding was absolutely perfect! These two were hilarious, laid back, focused on the sacrament, and had only eyes for each other. Their day was perfect because of them, more than anything else, and here's why:

  • I had never met Abby and Joe in person, but after our first phone call together, Abby and I were hooked.
  • Abby's portraits in the Morris Inn's iconic hallway were stunning, not because of her gorgeous gown, but because of her kind and faithful personality that showed up in every picture.
  • This was our first time photographing on the Notre Dame campus.
  • From the moment we arrived, Abby was giggling and her bridesmaids were smiling ear to ear.
  • Her makeup was flawless and his suit was tailor-made.
  • Joe was a romantic to a T, giving her the gift of a journal he had been writing in, as well as a heart statue for their new home.
  • Abby and Joe's first look at the Grotto was priceless. She tapped his shoulder, and he smiled and swaggered over to her with the classiest cat call ever.
  • These two were hilarious, laid back, focused on the sacrament, and had only eyes for each other.

Their ceremony was beautiful. The reception was eye-catching. But it was their ATTITUDES that took my breath away. Abby and Joe, on the day of your wedding your hearts were lifted heavenward. Your focus was not on the details of the day. Your eyes were instead turned to the higher meaning of your marriage. Your gaze was set on the unifying sacrament you two were participating in and it was an absolute honor to capture your truest testimony of loving like Christ on such a blissful summer day.



Abby, I will never forget the blissful morning moments of your bridal portraits in the Morris Inn’s iconic hallway - those moments you let that gorgeous dress know what you were made of - goodness, faithfulness, kindness, and gentleness through and through.

"When Christ calls us to remain in His love, this is what He's talking about: remaining in my love so that my joy remain in you, and your joy make me complete. It's not an abstract thing. Not a concept, or an idea, or a theory. It's a practice - the practice of remaining.

When you vow to love and honor each other all the days of your life, you're vowing that you'll remain in love - not as a state of being, a motion, or a feeling, but as a practice, as something you do, day in and day out."

"Six years ago I received the absolute greatest gift in the world in the form of a randomly assigned roommate here at Notre Dame. Abby and I became best friends really quickly—bonding through all kinds of goofy things like our love for the Harry Potter books, our ongoing plot to adopt a hedgehog together, and our nightly conversation dissecting every little detail of our days. So it was great fun, one night, when one of those conversations was about this cute guy she'd talked to at a recent football game, who had just made an extremely BOLD romantic gesture: he'd extended an invitation to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Fast-forward through things like a 6 hour-long first date, international travel, and an elaborate serenade by their friends in the Notre Dame folk choir (some of whom sang this morning!), and you had the beautiful couple we’re here celebrating today. These two were so immediately perfect for each other, and the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to have a front row seat to their example of teamwork, of beautifully thought out gestures for each other, lots of major silliness, and boundless love-- all done while openly and generously sharing their joy with everyone who crosses their collective path. It's been a gift to witness."

-Emily, Maid of Honor

"Abs, I really can’t imagine having lived with anyone else but you at Notre Dame. You're such a lovely, thoughtful, intelligent friend who brings so much joy and presence to all your relationships. I know you will continue to live out those traits absolutely beautifully in your role as Joe's wife, and am deeply happy for you that this long awaited day has finally come.

Joe, thank you for the truly endless amount of love and care you put into your relationship with Abby, every single day. Lots of men can pull off charming romantic gestures when the occasion calls for it, but I am consistently impressed by the daily extravagance with which you love Abby—and obviously she deserves nothing less from her new husband."

-Emily, Maid of Honor