3 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips | For The Bride Who Doesn't Feel Beautiful

The pressure of finding the perfect dress and having the perfect body is sooo stressful, and it’s sooo hard to live in the balance of knowing your identity is not in how your body fits into that dress and knowing that it’s important to focus on maintaining good physique and fitness.

If you’re trying to live in the tension of these Truths on your way to the aisle, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. If you’re wishing you had done more sit-ups and didn’t eat yesterday’s ice cream for breakfast, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. If you’re believing the lie that you are not beautiful enough to walk down an aisle, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU, because one of the most beautiful symbols at a wedding is the white bridal gown, and honey, it's not about the beauty of the material, the size of the dress, or the style of the cut, it is about the soul of the woman who is wearing it.

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