Julie & Trevor

Last weekend, Alan and I were home once again in Mishawaka but this time it was on account of Soul Creations Photography to capture Julie & Trevor's long-awaited wedding day.

After knowing both Julie & Trevor since high school, I can tell you this was a long time coming for all of us and there was not a dry eye in the sanctuary as a sweet friend of theirs sang A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

Katie and I arrived that morning ready to take on whatever the weather threw our way, but to our surprise it was dry at all the right moments - for details, family portraits, bride & groom portraits, and even their bubble exit. SOMEONE must have been praying pretty hard for their day, because it was PERFECT.

It was perfect. Right down to the pitstop we made after the ceremony to bring the wedding to their uncle who lived close by and was unable to come to the wedding due to a recent surgery.

It was perfect. Right down to the tears Kourtney, Julie's Maid of Honor, said during her toast.

It was perfect. Right down to Pastor Todd's story... now if love were a shoe, I have a feeling I know what kind it would be :) 

"It'd be the kind that's ready to adventure in unknown terrain, climbing mountains and scaling valleys. It's the kind of shoe that allows you to be in the journey, not just looking forward to the destination. It is steadfast, durable, personal, and long lasting."

If love were a shoe, I know it would be a Merrell hiking boot.

Because love is a journey, not a destination. It can make it through any curveball that comes our way. It's steadfast, durable, personal and long lasting.

Love needs the right equipment and in my opinion, Julie & Trevor are just the right forever fit for it.