Stacy + Marcus

Stacy and Marcus' chapel wedding in Niles, Michigan was one of the loveliest, sweetest I've seen. From having a sing-along during groomsmen portraits to a bridesmaid reveal where even I cried, this wedding was one of the most special I've done so far - especially because I've known Stacy since middle school.

Stacy girl - Marcus is by far the best I could've dreamed for you and I know I'm not the only one who thinks that. I know every single person in the chapel who heard him sing to you on that perfect day agrees. 

Enjoy these photos and the words - the song he sang and the toast his brother wrote years ago when Stacy and Marcus had first met.



"Marcus, you've made it hard on me... As I said earlier, everything between us has been a competition. Whose more athletic, faster, stronger? It didn't matter what it was, it was a battle between us on who could be the best. You sure set the bar high with Stacy. You might've won this competition..."

🎶 Early in the morning when I'm still so tired - Both my poor eyes hurt - You will drag me out of bed - And I will drive us all the way to church

And I will pray with you - In that front row pew - I will spend my whole life through - Falling more in love with you 🎶

"Stacy, you're a wonderful woman who deserves a wonderful husband. You are a remarkable girl, and you can count yourself blessed. About a year ago, I knew Marcus was serious about this new Stacy girl. He went grocery shopping for ingredients he had never even heard of before: cilantro, risotto, artichoke... he then proceeded to prepare a lovely meal. I knew he was in love..."

🎶 Someday when I'm coming home - So late from work, you try to save the day - You'll take dinner out the oven - Black as night and set it smokin' on my plate

And I will laugh with you - When you burn my food - I will spend my whole life through - Falling more in love with you 🎶

"After I got to meet Stacy, I told Marcus four words, and I continued to repeat these four words anytime I saw him. The four words: Don't mess this up! Not only have you found a beautiful wife, but she resembles all the loving characteristics mom would rattle off when giving us tips for a future wife."

🎶 Summer nights, the lightning strikes - So close to our house, all the lights go out - I will sing your favorite song - Along with all the raindrops falling down

And I will dance with you - Till the sky turns blue - I will spend my whole life through - Falling more in love with you 🎶

"I am honored to be the best man of this story-like wedding. This truly is a fairytale ending. I look forward to sharing my big brother with such a wonderful woman who has changed your life. We are proud to welcome you, Stacy, into the Saylor family."

🎶 And when we pass that hill - We always talk about the house we'll build someday - And all the beauty we will witness - While we're living in the love we'll make

I will dream with you - Until they all come true - And I will spend my whole life through - Falling more in love with you 🎶