Maleah + Josh

If there was ever a wedding that had me crying like it was my own wedding, this was the one.

After our initial meeting, Maleah and I prayed together and the date was set. Together, we dove right into planning their faith-filled engagement session and on that late winter morning, their love shined bright. This absolute love for one another was shown just the same on their blessed day. Except this time, it was in words and not images.

Before the day began, her bridesmaids prayed with her, and his groomsmen prayed with him. Words of affirmation, purpose, and love poured forth over this adorable, young couple. As the time drew near for their vows, they sang the most beautiful unity song and created a cross out of three cords, one for Her, Him, and Christ. And let me tell you, maybe it was just me, but there was not a dry eye in the crowd as Maleah & Josh’s tears fell while Josh's father spoke truth over them, and as they themselves spoke words of affirmation, purpose, and love to one another.

Their day was sacred, their words and prayers were sweet, and their loved was bright. Enjoy this one, friends, reliving it has been just as much of a blessing as being there to celebrate this special day.


"Father, I pray that you give her strength to love well and stand by his side. Thank you so much for the plans that you have. I pray that you will never stop reminding them of your love. I pray that you continue to let her know that you are with her. I pray that you use today, all the emotions, and their celebration to point towards you. I also pray that all the tears are happy tears." 
"May Maleah never forget how much Josh loves her and how much we are all here for her. Thank you for this beautiful Sunday morning. As we get ready to start the ceremony, just wash her in your emotions of peace. Let her be filled with excitement for this day. I want to pray for the audience, Lord, that they may be filled with your grace. I pray that you let them see your marriage and your love, Lord. Bless us today."
"Maleah, we prayed for a long time for the woman our son would marry. The moment we met you, we knew you were that woman. We hoped that you would one day marry our son. I, as the father, am so thankful that you've kept yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually for him, and we are honored to call you our daughter. With that, your role as his wife is to submit to Josh as husband and head of the home.
"Now while I understand that culture sees this as weakness and demeaning, you're called to live counter to culture - demonstrating and reflecting what godly submission resembles. Your actions and words should be one - always supporting and uplifting your husband. In times of disagreement, working with him to reach resolution and restoration, and in times of disbelief trusting Him to God for resolve.
"Josh, son, you are our firstborn. We are so proud of the man you've become. Thank you for making God a priority in your life and constantly listening to Him. There is nothing greater. You have and always will be his. And that pursuit that you've continued to make a priority is clear in the young woman you've chosen to be your wife and your help. The very individual you will carry with you the rest of your life. Thank you for being wise. We are truly honored to call you our son. 
"We've read your role as husband is to lead your family, not as dictator but as a man who passionately pursues God and reflects that pursuit to your family. While your words will have impact, it is your actions that will demonstrate what is truly in your heart. You are called to protect, provide for, uplift, and most importantly spiritually lead Maleah and one day, your children, as together you walk this journey of life. It is your responsibility to keep Christ the head of your home, so lead your family as a servant - ultimately reflecting how Christ gave His life and leads His church as a servant."