Join The Team!

Soul Creations is a highly collaborative company that loves have an intern along or have a new photographer on the team! If you are interested in the below positions,  feel free to apply and we'll be in touch!



SC's internship program is designed for those that are just getting started in the wedding industry, and want to get their feet wet. Unlike many internships, you will be fully immersed in all aspects of the business and learn exactly what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur.

The goal is that once you have completed the internship you are ready to jump into the wedding industry with confidence. This internship program can lead you to a more permanent position in our company.


Associate Photographers

Many photographers have no interest in what  it really takes to run the BUSINESS side of a successful (and profitable) photography studio. Instead, these photographers have a passion for weddings, but do not want to care  for the business side of things and instead have an outlet for pursuing their craft.

That's where SC comes in! If you're looking for a way to photograph weddings, serve couples, and not have to worry about the business side of things, read below and connect with us if this sounds like you or someone you know!