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Hey there, friend!

I'm Kristen, a kind-hearted and hospitable friend who loves to serve others well, and most days you can find me doing just that while wrangling my precious, wild toddlers, Asher and Theo, and then their big sisters and brother (Nora, Cate, and Corban) after school :) 

Aside from that, I spend my days drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee, making house home, running, reading and squeezing in card games with my husband where I can!

I grew up in the church, but the summer before my freshman year of high school I was confronted with the thought that if I believed the Bible to be true and Jesus to be who He said He was, then a decision had to be made about my life--I could no longer sit in my sin and continue playing church like I'd done for years. Ultimately, it was His kindness that lead to repentance... Romans 5:8 tells us that "God demonstrates His own love towards us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us," and realizing that that truth applied to me and my sin and my life forever changed me. 

From there, there have been many ups and downs, mountains and valleys...but looking back, the overarching theme of it all is that God has always been faithful. There's nothing sweeter in this world than walking with Jesus!

xx |  the cheerleader in your corner


More About Me


* My favorite part of a wedding day is first time the bride and groom see each other. Whether it's during the first look or at the aisle, that raw emotion and the excitement and comfort found in finally seeing their spouse on this long awaited day is just so precious, a moment unlike any other. And as a mama of three boys, I can never stop the tears on the mother/son dance :) 

* When my family and I were in the mission field of St. Kitt's (where it was ALWAYS warm) we had some of the most incredible relaxed Saturdays. Now that we're back home in Indiana, here are the ingredients that still make my most favorite days!

-  go to the market for our produce

-  hit a coffee shop for donuts and drinks while we play a game

- go to the beach, the park, or take a hike